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5 Recipes With Avocado Burger Toppings for Your Summer Cookouts

Awash in sunny skies and star-spangled decor, your summer gatherings deserve a dish as American as the season’s holidays themselves. And what’s more classic than rounding everyone up in the backyard to grill hamburgers?

As you pile the patties high, don’t forget the fixings. A versatile and nutrient-dense super food, avocados — served as a spread, a relish, or a sliced garnish — provide the perfect burger topping.

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Here are five burger recipes with avocado toppings to try throughout this year’s cookout season.

5 Burger Recipes with Avocado Toppings

for Your Summer Cookouts

Beef Burger

If you go mad for mushrooms, try this beef and mushroom burger with “guacachurri,” starring cremini mushrooms topped with diced, seasoned avocados.

Veggie Burger

For a vegetarian version of an American cookout classic, try this white avocado burger topped with sliced tomato and avocado.

Bacon Burger

Substitute avocado for traditional condiments in this bacon burger with sweet &savory avocado-bacon spread that combines pepper, onion, and garlic flavors.

Shrimp Burger

Mix avocado, corn, and jalapeño to form a textured topping for this spicy shrimp burger with charred corn and avocado relish and citrus avocado aioli.

Salmon Burger

If you prefer seafood, try these grilled salmon burgers topped with an avocado spread. Lime juice adds a spritz of citrus flavor.

No matter which burger-and-avocado combination you choose for your summer cookouts, talk to your doctor before trying these recipes. He or she may provide a list of nutrient-dense foods, including avocados.

Visit our avocado recipes page for more ways to incorporate nutrient-dense avocados into your diet.

By Avocados From Mexico June 19, 2019

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