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Dry Skin? Avocados to the Rescue

You probably love avocados in guacamole, and maybe you’ve even expanded your repertoire, using avocados in everything from breakfast to dessert, but did you know that this fruit is so versatile that it can play a starring role in your beauty routine, too?

It’s true!

Avocados offer all sorts of nutritional benefits, including the “good fats” your body needs for nutrient absorption from foods that are eaten with the fruit, as well as 20 vitamins and minerals. But this powerhouse fruit has skin-level benefits as well. Recent and emerging research suggests that the oils and other properties of the avocado might help protect our skin against the sun’s powerful UV rays and promote healthy aging.

Scientists still have more to discover about the amazing avocado and all of its preventive and protective functions, but you don’t have to wait until their results are in to experience the feel-good beauty benefits of Avocados from Mexico, which are available year-round. Ripe avocados can take the place of or act as an indulgent supplement to your regular moisturizer, the creamy pump mashed or puréed into a smooth paste, with or without other ingredients added.

If you’re a DIY kind of person, head to your local grocery store and pick up a few avocados from Mexico. You can find the perfect ones simply by placing the avos in the palm of your hand and squeezing gently. If the avo gives a little, you’ve found the perfect one. If you’d like to see a demonstration, watch this helpful video. Should your avocados turn out to be not as ripe as you would have liked, there are a few easy tricks to ripen them faster. You can speed up ripening by placing your avo in a paper bag along with a banana, burying it in a bowl full of rice, or placing it in on a window sill in direct sunlight.

When you have your perfectly ripe avos, get to the kitchen and mix up your very own facemask with one of our green goddess recipes. When you’re done, slather the mask on your face or other dry spots (elbows, knees, and ankles all susceptible to cold weather and other drying agents). Then, sit back and relax while the avocado gets to work. Fifteen or 20 minutes later, rinse the mask off with cool water and a gentle washcloth. You’ll feel so refreshed and renewed that you’ll soon be working these homemade moisturizing masks into your regular beauty routine.

If you’re more a packaged products person, you’ll find plenty of masks and moisturizers featuring avocado at your favorite beauty supply store. Joppa Minerals Avocado Cream Moisturizer, Crabtree & Evelyn’s avocado, olive, and basil hand moisturizer, and Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado all target specific parts of the body with avocado oil-infused creams and lotions.

And don’t forget that the beauty benefits of avocado aren’t limited to the skin; the fruit can be used in similar preparations for the purpose of moisturizing dry hair. The mixtures are the same as the face masks; they’re just spread through the hair and left to dry for 15-30 minutes. Once the hair has been moisturized, you’ll want to rinse the avocado out and then wash and condition as usual. Of course, if that sounds too time-intensive, plenty of shampoos and conditioners, including OGX Açai Berry Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner, can be purchased and put to good use, too.

[Note: Avocados from Mexico does not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned in this article.]

By Avocados From Mexico March 07, 2017

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