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Avo Mac N’ Cheese

Side Dishes For Chefs

Avo Mac N’ Cheese


  • 3 TBSP. avocado dressing
  • 1/2 Cup Avo Mac N' Cheese
  • 2 Cups penne pasta, cooked al dente
  • 2 each Italian breadcrumbs
  • 3 TBSP. master avocado dressing, drizzled
  • 1 TSP. Italian parsley, chopped
  • Avo Mac N' Cheese:
  • 6 TBSP. queso blanco velveeta
  • 1/4 Cup Romano, grated
  • 6 TBSP. White Cheddar, shredded
  • 1/4 Cup Mozzarella, shredded
  • 1/2 Cup heavy cream
  • 1 TBSP. milk
  • 1/2 Cup avocado, pureed
  • 1 TBSP. lime juice, fresh


  1. Avo Mac N' Cheese: 1. Add ½ cup of alfredo sauce to sauté pan cook on medium-high flame until sauce becomes warm. 2. Add pasta to warm alfredo and lower heat. 3. Cook pasta stirring occasionally until sauce fully coats the pasta. 4. Pour pasta into cast iron and sprinkle parmesan and breadcrumbs over the top completely covering pasta. 5. Place pasta carefully under salamander, until cheese is fully melted, and breadcrumbs are golden brown. 6. Drizzle avocado dressing generously over the top of the pasta and garnish with chopped parsley.
  2. Avo Mac N' Cheese - Subrecipe: 1.Over a double boiler, heat Velveeta, Romano, cheddar, mozzarella, cream, and milk until completely melted. 2. Once melted, whisk in avocado puree and lime juice. 3. Cool immediately or reserve warm for service.
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