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The Avocados From Mexico

Personal Chef

Type in your salad ingredients, and your Personal Chef will give you some recipes. You can enter as little as one ingredient, and as many as six! For the ingredients you don't have, you can buy them on that page. Each one of these recipes features my favorite ingredient - Avocados From Mexico!

Selma, our esteemed avocado expert, helps guide you through to make sure the recipes you desire are just right.

The Avocados From Mexico

Personal Chef

Watch in real-time as your Avocado Salad Personal Chef curates top matching salad recipes based on your selections.

Don’t worry, you can conveniently purchase the ingredients you don’t have right on the recipe page!

Sous-Chef Selma

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Hi! I’m Selma, your Sous-chef!

Tell me what ingredients you already have at home, or would like to cook with, and I’ll work with our Avocados From Mexico Chef to create unique recipes for you. Enter up to six ingredients to see what delicious creations await.

Get started on the left side of the screen now.

A ripe avocado is best for eating now. But if you're only using half, keep your avocado fresh longer by following these instructions!


Want more avocado salad inspiration? Browse our Avocado Salad Center creations, and then build your own masterpiece!

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