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The Mexicanity Manifesto

We are Avocados From Mexico, and we are proud of those roots. We stay true to our
essence by channeling the vibrant magic of Mexicanity into everything we do. See what
Mexicanity means to us in the video below.

Operating Guidelines

How we make our values actionable. If our values show what’s in our hearts, our operating guidelines are the hands-on, everyday ways we live up to our values. From embracing (and even leveraging) our differences to finding fun in everything we do, these are the rules we abide by to show up at our best and make good on our promises to another and the world at large.


The AFM Creed

Culture, Recognition, Empowerment, Engagement and Development are the behavioral guidelines
that reflect our values and build our culture. We live out this code as we believe in culture as an
alignment force, the importance of acknowledging and empowering our employees, engagement to
inspire and drive results, and the growth of each member of our AFM family. Our Creed allows for
a sense of belonging and the success of our organization towards a common purpose.

Culture Committees

Our employees offer unique talents, creative ideas,
and colorful personalities that add as much flavor
to our company as our avocados do. By embracing
our differences and practicing inclusivity, we are
able to share ideas that improve our culture and
our brand. To share what one another has to offer,
AFM has several culture committees.

Fun Times Committee

They find opportunities for employees to have fun, connect, and engage in companywide events.

Internal Marketing

This committee is focused on communicating the company culture, swag, office-culture design, and spreading our company culture within.

Community Involvement

This committee focuses on creating a better tomorrow by giving back to the community. We support underprivileged students at a local school in Dallas by contributing to food, book, and toy drives and by hosting events at the school.

Health and Wellness

This committee organizes active, engaging challenges to promote living a healthy lifestyle - one of the main pillars of our brand.

Employee Recognition

This committee promotes employee recognition initiatives to ensure that everyone's voice is heard, and that great work does not go unnoticed.

Creed Image
Creed Image


We believe in celebrating wins and then improving
them. When our team is successful, we believe in
congratulating and acknowledging them. We created
a program called Avo Stars to recognize individual
greatness at all levels.

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AFM works hard to cultivate a connective, collaborative workplace for employees to share their talents and flourish. We provide targeted trainings from top companies that focus on working together to drive results, while staying connected... to the big vision and to one another. We strive to foster an environment where people find meaning in their work and can do so autonomously, are challenged to continually grow, and can make a true impact at AFM and in their careers. Whether we’re asking for needed feedback through our engagement survey, or competing in a friendly game of Loteria, building a community of people working towards common goals is a top priority and investment at AFM.

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Inclusion and

Our staff is composed of a diverse team of
individuals who each add something special to the
mix — not unlike the ingredients in the world’s
best bowl of guacamole. We’re made... up of individuals
of many different nationalities, and women comprise
more than half of our workforce. We believe that
everyone has something unique to offer, regardless
of who they are or where they come from. That’s why
we urge our employees to voice new, innovative ideas,
ensure that everyone is heard, and celebrate every
win (no matter how small) as a team through our
AvoStar recognition program.

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We recognize the responsibility we have to not only
grow our avocado seedlings into mature and rich
produce, but to also develop our people into
thriving professionals looking to grow their
talents at AFM. We work to advance the careers
of those who are endlessly curious and never
tire of pushing for growth by offering all
employees extensive training and experiential
learning opportunities.

AFM Life Training

Our AFM Life training program is offered to every single employee in our company, built to enrich our employees' futures as professionals. An intensive analysis is completed annually so we can design customized trainings to equip each individual employee with the set of skills needed to grow. We use company feedback, assessments, and each employee's personal aspirations to help them enhance their skills and day-to-day mastery.

360 Competencies Assessment

We owe it to our employees to care about their careers and to tell them the truth. Our company's 360-degree assessment program embraces those ideals, created to analyze areas of opportunity that can be improved and identify which unique talents are being used strategically. The assessment engenders self- and company accountability while giving our employees control over their career paths and pushing them in their goals. Using the results of each assessment, we can support our employees through coaching, quarterly reviews, and the AFM Life training program.

Employee Baseball Cards

Our baseball cards are scorecards that show our employees where they are today, where they need to be tomorrow, and what they need to accomplish to get there. From how we collaborate, what others report in their 360 assessments, and what our direct managers observe, our scorecard system acts as a personal roadmap to becoming the best version of ourselves we can be. These visionary roadmaps are what enable our team to achieve big things.

Employee Engagement Training

AFM is on Fast Company's list of 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators, but we're always striving to improve that position - and improvement begins with employee engagement. Our employee engagement training addresses every member at every level, creating an experiential, transformational, and unified culture. This transparency across the entire organization helps our employees cherish their purpose from day to day, gives them the autonomy to grow and develop, and provides a clear vision of the impact they have on the company's success - all while keeping us connected through our culture of Mexicanity. Through this company engagement, our people can produce their best work, contribute their discretionary effort to drive results, and always be improving.

Persona Indicator

We value an environment of collaboration and offer trainings, such as Myers Briggs, that help to identify our similarities and differences, working styles, and inherent hardwiring. Learning a shared language helps us to improve our communication and work better as a team and is included in our Baseball Cards as a continuous reference.

Innovation Workshop

In 2020, we provided our employees with an exclusive innovation workshop developed by Yale University. The weeklong workshop was led by some of the most qualified professors in the nation, who provided seminars on driving innovation, functioning as a dynamic, high-performing team, cultivating an organizational culture, and much more.

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