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Core Competencies

Our Competencies inspire our team members to leave their comfort zone and follow
actionable behaviors which drive results to the organization's goals. The company's
360 assessment is a tool used to help create company accountability, determine
areas of opportunities that can be improved upon, as well as identify which unique
talents are being used strategically.


The ability to work cooperatively and flexibly with others with the full understanding of their role to be played as a team member.

Here is what we look for in Collaboration:

  • Collaborates with coworkers in a positive and friendly manner and makes time to work in a team, particularly in times of need; creates a setting of trust and harmony that makes every coworker feel part of the AFM Family.
  • Encourages synergy and inclusion in departments in order to achieve the "team" desired results; acknowledges others' achievement or good work and publicly praises his or her success.
  • Works together with others to solve problems and puts the success of the team ahead of individual success within and across departments.
  • Helps remove barriers to a team with a constructive positive attitude to drive productivity and successful results.
  • Builds positive, mutually respectful relationships with agencies, vendors, and all external partners.
Cultivate Mexicanity and Community

Promotes a culture of camaraderie, appreciation, respect, and inclusion while having fun and remaining true to oneself.

Here is what we look for in Cultivating Mexicanity and Community:

  • Creates a positive team and family spirit through participation in company-sponsored events and initiatives; celebrates and instigates fun moments.
  • Is visible and accessible to coworkers and sets the example for others; promotes team and company morale and appreciation for one another.
  • Champions the AFM operating guidelines and company culture and genuinely "walks the talk."
  • Turns the ordinary into something extraordinary, portrays an authentic sense of self, and lets his/her best self come out.
  • Inspires others through the meaning of Mexicanity, leads with respect and inclusion, and sparks an enjoyable work environment.
Drive for results

Displays personal ownership to accomplish tasks/responsibilities and looks for ways to elevate performance.

Here is what we look for in Drive For Results:

  • Completes assignments in an accurate/timely manner to achieve expected outcomes, while also exercising effective decision-making skills and passion about achieving the objectives of AFM.
  • Continuously seeks opportunities to develop new and original approaches to the day-to-day and elevates performance to greater heights. Must also never be satisfied with the current state and must exhibit a mindset that outperforms previous achievements.
  • Has the commitment and encouragement to boost AFM's desired results across departments/levels by bringing out the best work in others.
  • Continuously commits to improving business intelligence, measurable metrics, and analytics to evaluate past accomplishments and prepare for future success.
  • Believes in the company strategy and fully aligns all their objectives to it.
Fostering Innovation

Creates and executes new ideas for the business, finding strategic processes, content, or other developments that lead to achieving goals.

Here is what we look for in Fostering Innovation:

  • Explores and focuses on developing new ideas that will bring innovation to fruition while staying aligned to the company strategy.
  • Drives new creative thinking and challenges others to think differently, beyond what has worked in the past, to reach new levels of success; has a mindset of innovation.
  • Can view existing obstacles in a new light and has a visionary approach to problem-solving; is able to critically understand current issues to avoid future roadblocks.
  • Manages and embraces change through shifting mindsets/perspectives, systems, and processes, and thinks outside the box.
  • Actively learns about trends and entertains new approaches to uncover opportunities for breakthrough innovation and results.
Growth & Development

Seeks and acquires new competencies, work methods, ideas, and information that will improve individual or group efficiency and effectiveness on the job.

Here is what we look for in Growth and Development:

  • Is inspired to coach coworkers in order to help them elevate their learning and growth.
  • Prioritizes internal and external trainings to grow personally and professionally; applies those learnings in their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Is humble enough and sees failure as an opportunity to learn and always strives to outperform past results; is open to constructive feedback and seeks that feedback to find solutions to improve.
  • Open to mentor or helping others within the same department and across departments in a positive, engaging way.
  • Has an avid appetite to grow professionally in there areas of expertise and amplifies there effectiveness/intelligence.
Purposeful Communication

Consistent communication and expression of ideas and directions to keep others informed while highlighting key points and engaging each team member to meet objectives.

Here is what we look for in Purposeful Communication:

  • Ability to communicate complex ideas and thoughts clearly, concisely, and respectfully.
  • Is able to tailor messages to audiences and clarifies understandings in a positive way; displays confidence and poise when presenting to an audience.
  • Able to effectively influence and engage team members to meet organizational goals.
  • Ensures consistent communication takes place to deliver results and to increase cohesiveness within and across departments.
  • Expresses opposing dissimilarities constructively, emphasizing points of agreement and suggesting alternative points that are acceptable.

Employee Benefits

Our competitive total rewards programs are designed to cover your biggest needs. AFM offers multiple
flexible programs that support the many different dimensions of your life. We believe that when you feel
good about your personal and professional life, you can perform your best work and live your best life.

Staying Healthy


You and your family are
covered with our
nationwide comprehensive
medical, dental, vision,
FSA, and health and
wellness programs.

Your Family Matters

Your Family

We offer income-protection
plans to help you plan when
you need time away or are
undergoing unpredictable
times. Our leave benefits
include maternal and paternal
bonding and the freedom to
take care of a serious illness,
injury, or disability. We also
support our employees with
comprehensive life insurance.

Compensating Every Day

Every Day

We offer competitive pay
that rewards you for all your
hard work, a key factor in
driving employee
satisfaction and engagement
within the AFM Family.

Finding Balance


Your career and personal
life balance are important
to us. To help you blend
this work-life integration
successfully, our every
Friday telework day will
help you stay committed to
your work and connected
in your life.

Rest and Recover

Rest and

Getting plenty of "you time"
is important, so we offer
several different paid time off
(PTO) buckets to support
your leisure pursuits. On top
of paid holidays, our PTO
includes vacation, personal,
anniversary, sick, and a
floating day.

Saving for the Future

Saving for
the Future

To help you prepare for
retirement, our 401(k)
matching and HSA benefits
will help you achieve your
saving goals. Today, our
401(k) offers up to a 6%
match, and our HSA includes
an employer contribution.

Co-Elevate Your Skills

Your Skills

If you are pursuing a career
with us, we can already tell
you are an innovator and a
go-getter. To help enhance
your skills and progress your
career, our AFM Life Training
program is tailored
specifically to you.

Discounts and Perks

and Perks

The perks of the AFM
experience never end! We
offer a network that will
provide you with discounted
rates on electronics, home
and auto items, travel,
apparel, and even tickets to
live events in your area.

Women in Leadership

Female leadership is a central component of AFM's experience,
culture, and success. We believe that women possess
invaluable natural talents — female leadership development
has the potential to benefit not only the female leaders within
the company but the entire organization. Our brand has
achieved a lot thanks to the innovative women who comprise
more than 50% of our staff.

In 2019, AFM launched the Female Leadership Initiative (FLI).
The initiative has two goals: to support the development and
future success of all female AFM employees and to empower
them to embrace their traditional feminine strengths and thrive
within our company. To facilitate female professional
development, FLI offers:

"She Runs It" Memberships

"She Runs It" is a prestigious organization with the purpose of promoting women's leadership in advertising, marketing, and tech industries. We provide women at AFM with free memberships, giving them access to seminars, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and development workshops.

Keynote Speakers

We collaborate with recognized authors and speakers in the field of women's leadership, including Daina Middleton, former CEO of Ansira, to inspire our company's team to recognize and embrace their inherent leadership qualities.

WIL Workshops

In 2020, 100% of our women employees attended the Women in Leadership workshop presented by Linkage. The weeklong immersive learning experience inspires and engages women leaders who are committed to professional growth. The workshops feature world-class speakers, self-assessments, and networking opportunities.

Discounts and Perks