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Avocados From Mexico Management By Objectives

We classify ourselves as a performance-driven company, and our culture depends on it. That's why we
developed a digital goal-measurement platform called Avocados Management by Objectives, or AMBO.
The platform is leveraged to track the goals of AFM and the individuals who comprise it, helping us score
wins and recognize employee achievements in our AvoStar acknowledgment program.

AMBO provides our employees with immediate feedback, empowering them with the knowledge that their
individual contributions are driving every process at AFM. It helps them identify strengths, growth, and
opportunities to improve while keeping the goals of the company, the team, and the individual
transparent and aligned.

AMBO Performance Review

Our cutting-edge performance review platform promotes transparency across the organization that helps us hold one another accountable. By using AMBO as a conversation starter for employee-manager reviews, this goal-tracking and accountability program empowers everyone, bringing our success and innovation to life.

Our performance reviews are based on several components:


Our annual objectives are aligned every
year to our company strategy. They are
100% visible and measurable and are
reviewed on a quarterly basis. AGOs
are worth 80% of the annual performance


Everyone at AFM holds each other mutually
accountable to meet an agenda of core
competencies. We push one another to drive
results, foster innovation through
collaboration, and cultivate a culture of
community and Mexicanity. These behavioral
competencies are measured through a
360-degree approach and are worth 20%
of the annual performance score.

(and Surpassing) Goals

We consider the goals of AFM and the
personal objectives of our employees to
be tied together. No matter how big, hairy,
or audacious your goals are, we include
individual development in our team's
development plan to help employees grow.

Individual Development Goals

These goals are at the individual's level
- we identify any and all areas of needed
improvement that employees should focus
their energy upon. Even though our IDGs
are not part of the overall performance
score, they are vital for our leaders to
understand how to develop the talent for
the future.


Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals are long-term inspiration and motivation to think bigger and bolder,
moving forward towards our purpose. What we do every day, month, and year will lead us there.

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Alvaro Luque

President and CEO

Become the most
innovative produce
in the world.

Shopper And Trade
Performance Stephanie Image

Stephanie Bazan

VP of Trade and
Market Development

Become the center of category intelligence and increase the units per trip +50%

Performance Stephanie Image

Ivonne Kinser

Vice President of
Marketing and Innovation

Generate 1 Billion Data Points To User IDs And Maintain 100 Million Enriched User IDs In Our CRM

Performance Stephanie Image

David Spirito


Take The Foodservice Business From 550 Million Lbs. To
1 Billion

Performance Stephanie Image

Miguel Molina


Implement AI To Procure To Pay With Reporting Real-Time BI Capabilities

Human Resources
Performance Stephanie Image

Michael Lemos

Associate Director
of People & Culture

Become An Employer Of Choice And One Of The Top 100 Best Places To Work In North Texas.