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Food Pranks For April Fools’ Day!

This April Fools’ Day, turn the tables on mischievous coworkers or family members by serving up some special surprise treats. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when she bites into something “special” you’ve prepared just for her.

Forget what mom said — it’s time to play with your food. Here are five harmless but hilarious ways to fool a few people along the way.

  • Make “ice cream” out of mashed potatoes. Use an ice cream scoop to place it in waffle cones and then serve the “dessert” to your unsuspecting guests.
  • Serve “sushi rolls” made out of bread and vegetables. With a rolling pin, flatten slices of white bread, then lay matchsticks of carrots and celery and slices of avocado at the bottom of each slice. Roll up the bread, press to seal it, and then cut each roll into four to six pieces.
  • Make a “drink” out of Jell-O. Prepare Jell-O like you normally would, but place it in tall glasses with straws before letting it gel. Serve as if it’s a beverage.
  • Replace the frosting in Oreos with toothpaste. This one’s self-explanatory. Bonus: You can eat the extra frosting as you prepare your trick!
  • Surprise someone with a sweet grilled cheese sandwich by toasting two thin slices of pound cake on the stove. Lather on a layer of orange-colored cream cheese icing in between and serve!




By Avocados From Mexico September 26, 2016

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