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Deck the Halls with Avocado Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are right around the corner, and whether you need stocking stuffers, a present for one of the eight crazy nights of Hannukah, a Kwanzaa zawadi or you just like gift giving, nothing says “I like you” better than a gift that celebrates everyone’s favorite fruit, the avocado.

Good Ol’ Avocado

The first, best, and easiest gift you can give your friends and family is one perfectly ripe Avocado From Mexico. Sound silly? Well, it’s actually a throwback gift! Starting in the Great Depression, families who couldn’t afford gifts would put an exotic fruit, such as an orange, in their kids’ stockings. Obviously oranges are much more commonplace today, but just about everyone would appreciate an avocado, especially if it’s an Avocado From Mexico! (They’re in season year-round, by the way!)

But how to pick out the best avocado for stocking stuffers? The first step is figuring out when an avocado is perfectly ripe. This video shows you how to use skin color and feel of an avocado to get a just-right piece of fruit. Once you have your avocados for your loved ones, you’ll need to store them until the holidays.

Avo-Themed Stocking Stuffers

Ok, but what if you don’t want to gift a perishable piece of fruit? There are plenty of gifts that celebrate avo love! One perfect gift is this scraper, which allows you to scrape out avo flesh or cut it into slices in one movement. It not only makes your avo eating experience better, it’s also compact, taking up little kitchen space.

Or why not gift something that will plaster avocados over their most used item? This phone case not only has avocados all over it, but it can also be customized with your loved one’s name or favorite phrase (like “Yes, I know guac is extra.”).

Wearable Stocking Stuffers

If your friends prefer wearable gifts, check out these fun avocado socks that work for any gender. This delicate little avocado necklace is another great way to say happy holidays to those you love.

When it comes to t-shirts, the possibilities are endless. There’s the Christmasy “Avo Merry Christmas!“. There’s also this hard but relatable life truth: “You can’t make everyone happy. You aren’t an avocado.” And then there’s the hilarious “I said you were the good kind of fat!

Whatever avo-centric stocking stuffers and gifts you choose, it’s sure to be a holiday favorite for everyone!

By Avocados From Mexico November 28, 2018

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