Sometimes life happens when you're making plans to enjoy it. So Avocados From Mexico came up with some ways to make the most of Cinco de Mayo, no matter where Cinco takes you.

Summoned for Jury Duty this Cinco de Mayo? Bring the Party to the Panel

You were killing it. The sun was radiant, the birds were chirping. You finished all your work ahead of schedule, high-fived your boss, and left the office. You even had time to slip off to the store to buy Avocados From Mexico for the Tostitos® SalsaGuac and Cinco Layer Dip by Tostitos® that you’re perfecting for Joe’s upcoming Cinco de Mayo party. But when you got home, you went to check your mailbox and … jury duty.

Just like that, you plummet back to earth. You open the envelope and bad becomes worse when you see the summons is for Cinco de Mayo weekend.

When the day comes, you arrive at court and wouldn’t you know it: You’re one of the few who is actually picked. You take a seat in the jury box, but you’re having a hard time focusing on upholding the law. On any other day, this would have been fine — a thrill, even — but it’s Cinco, and you’re missing the big party at Joe’s. Your mind drifts and you can’t stop thinking about how Rachel is probably getting scooped up by some other guy during the annual “Kiss the Cook” Party Dip Mix-Off.

Fear not: It’s possible to help the jury reach a verdict and still celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

  • Unzip your bag and remove the large containers of Tostitos SalsaGuac and Cinco Layer Dip made with Avocados From Mexico that you brought to share. They would have been shoo-in wins at Joe’s.
  • If you forgot to pack chips, you’ll need to beg a bag off one of your fellow jurors. Speaking of which, there’s something familiar about the woman in the low-brimmed hat to your left …
  • She packed Tostitos. You feel a spark.
  • Begin enjoying your Tostitos® SalsaGuac made with Avocados From Mexico, then weep along with the defendant: You have been hit with an overwhelming combination of crunch and creamy avocado flavor, and he has been found guilty of wire fraud and sentenced to a Cinco de Mayo behind bars.
  • Whisper a tearful thank-you to the woman next to you. Only when she raises her hat do you realize — holy guacamole, it’s been Rachel all along!
  • Tell her it really is true what they say: “Where there’s guac, there’s Cinco.”
  • When the judge brings down the gavel to dismiss, lean in for the kiss.

You and your Cinco sweetie will need some future date ideas, and what better than a dinner in? For more guac ideas to help recreate the moment it all started and further celebrate Cinco de Mayo, visit our recipe archive.

We’ve got plenty more blogs to show you just how to make the most of your Cinco, no matter where Cinco takes you.



By Avocados From Mexico April 10, 2019

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