Sometimes life happens when you're making plans to enjoy it. So Avocados From Mexico came up with some ways to make the most of Cinco de Mayo, no matter where Cinco takes you.

How to Make Friends With Dinosaurs (With Avocados!)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, and thanks for celebrating with us on the Space-Time Continuity Disrupter! Please be careful when boarding.

Open your guide tablet to page 394 and observe the correct procedures for time travel. (Please note: Your insurance package does not cover prehistoric trips. Coverage for dismemberment, ancient disease, and “lost in time” disorder sold separately.)

When disembarking from this timecraft, be sure to take all your supplies. Suggested supplies include: tent, stove, lighter, sword (if traveling back more than 200 years), food rations, a magic wand (if traveling back to times when people believed in magic), and bug spray. Now, select your journey.

You have selected: The Cretaceous Period!

Here’s how to survive your epic journey and still celebrate Cinco de Mayo:

  • As you step off the timecraft, you notice the florid ancient megafauna, the screaming cries of the majestic Tyrannosaurus rex, and the hot sun baking the surface of the earth. What an exciting time to be alive. Still, you want to find shelter — and fast — before the dinosaurs eat you.
  • Take your compass — you have a compass, right? — and head for shade. You recall that the herbivorous dinosaurs such as the Brontosaurus tend to hang around trees, and they will not eat you unless you are hiding so well that they gobble you up while grabbing for leaves.
  • Once you have selected your shelter — remember, good enough so that the carnivores won’t find you, but not so good that a Brontosaurus might accidentally eat you — take stock of your supplies. You have:
    • Your tent
    • Your sword (not that that will really make much of a difference in a dinosaur fight)
    • Your magic wand (yeah, good luck that)
    • Two Avocados From Mexico, a Roma tomato, a red onion, lime, tequila …

That’s right: You have decided to bring, instead of the lifesaving survival tools outlined in your guide tablet, the recipe for Tequila Guacamole. It is almost Cinco de Mayo, after all, and guac made from Avocados From Mexico is always worth it, no matter the peril around you.

  • See that Tyrannosaurus rex poking his head through your makeshift shelter of leaves? Try befriending him with an offer of guacamole and an invitation to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at your party.

Unfortunately, the concept of Cinco de Mayo will probably be lost on this vicious predator, who is living approximately 66 million years before the holiday was invented and before the battle between Mexico and France that it commemorates even happened and before such concepts of “Mexico” and “France” were even conceivable. But as long as you have guacamole made with Avocados From Mexico, you have Cinco de Mayo.

Yeah … that was a long shot. You should probably run back to your timecraft. Don’t forget to rate your experience flying with TimeAir!

Visit our recipe archive to whip up another batch that will help you take Cinco wherever Cinco takes you.

We’ve got plenty more blogs to show you just how to make the most of your Cinco, no matter where Cinco takes you.

By Avocados From Mexico April 22, 2019

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