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Bring the Best Parts of Winter Indoors with These Winter Tablescapes

Nothing says warming comfort quite like an inviting tablescape during winter season entertaining. Let your dinner table set the scene for the cozy night ahead by bringing touches of the outdoors inside. If you’re thinking of a chalet feel, a rustic camp setting, or a chic, mid-winter’s night mood, we’ve got a few beautiful ideas to get you started. And the best part? You don’t have to be a DIY’er with a deluxe budget to pull these off!

Tartan Classics

Have a favorite tartan that says “nights under the winter stars” do you? If it’s a blanket, you can use it as a tablecloth; if it’s a long scarf, use it as a table runner instead. Or perhaps you’re all set and have a proper tartan tablecloth at the ready, along with matching cloth napkins. Use one or two of the main colors in the pattern as your inspiration, decorating with hints of red, hunter green, or charcoal gray, for example. You can gather fresh evergreen, pine, or holly boughs to make an effortless centerpiece, adorning the table with a few candles placed strategically on shiny brass or bronze pedestals of varying height. No candle pedestals? No problem! You don’t have to go out and buy a single thing. Instead, work with what you have! Fill a rustic wooden or ceramic bowl with avocados. Their dark green skin is a perfect complement to a tartan pattern.

Winter Camp

If you’re the crafty type, this tablescape inspiration is made-to-measure for you! Start by spreading a Nordic-inspired table runner down the middle of your table, or set an heirloom woolen blanket down as your tablecloth for the night. You can gather pine cones from nearby parks or green spaces and spruce them up by dipping the tips in glue and topping them with gold or silver glitter. These make perfect name card holders, too! For your centerpiece, you can spray paint, glitter paint, or milk-wash paint graceful, fallen tree limbs, along with a scattering of chestnuts and wildflowers in mismatched bud vases. Instead of trivets, use slices of tree trunks upon which to rest hot dishes.

And, if you’re entertaining and offering guacamole as an appetizer, here’s our go-to tip for keeping guac green!

Chalet Chic

The dazzling effect of a white-on-white setting can be amped up for a chic chalet tablescape with sparkling fabrics, antique silverware, silver rimmed or accented plates, platters, and crystal wine glasses. If your dining room has wall sconces or a chandelier, now’s the time to play them up to full effect. If you don’t have these, nab a candelabra or two at your local thrift store. Use it as your centerpiece, along with a spate of white candles, tapers, or votives to light up the night. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try placing individual Pashmina (or Pashmina-like) shawls in winter white or silvery gray on your guests’ dining chairs, for a VIP touch.

If you really want a splash of color, try adding some Asiatic lilies, sparkle craspedia, winter holly, or red amaryllis in a dramatic vase, anchored by the fresh, vibrant green of whole avocados still in their skins, and the ruby-toned beauty of pomegranates. If you need tips on how to keep those delicious avos fresh, check out this video to learn to keep your avocado fruit fresh until you need them.

Whether you plan to woo one particular guest or keep everyone around the table full and satisfied while conversation flows, we’re confident one or more of these decorating ideas will help get your party started this winter season . Nothing keeps the home fires burning quite like good food, good company, and a beautifully laid table.

By Avocados From Mexico January 31, 2017

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