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Our Choice for World’s Best Chicken Avocado Sandwich

The chefs at the AvoEatery at Trinity Groves in Dallas are channeling the traditional summer cookout energy through a newly famous menu-item: a chicken avocado sandwich. And it’s no wonder why this spicy creation is taking Texas by the horns.

The AvoEatery at Trinity Groves, a groovy restaurant marketplace in West Dallas, offers a vast selection of lunch and dinner items you can’t find anywhere else. There is an uncontested star in each dish, and it’s the twist on food we’ve all been waiting for: Every meal features Avocados From Mexico.

At the heart of this menu-nirvana is the Hot Chicken Sandwich, a piquant handheld that leaves diners with sweat on their brow and tears of joy on their cheeks. The crispy fried chicken is doused in a house-made hot sauce — not for the timid. On its own, this blazing hot sauce has enough fire to make a dragon cry “uncle.”

Don’t chicken out: This saucy inferno is tamed by the cooling nature of avocado. Its role is twofold: The sandwich is topped with pickled avocado slices that bring relief to your tongue, with a little help from leaves of baby spinach. Together with a velvety avocado ranch, the fire is quenched in a masterful deluge of flavor.

These are romantic descriptions of a chicken avocado sandwich, but the AvoEatery isn’t a place to refrain from embellishments. Its concept is avant-garde, its food is artisanal, and the Hot Chicken Sandwich is, in a word, exceptional.

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You’re still here? Get yourself down to the AvoEatery at Trinity Groves in Dallas for pick-up, takeout, or dine-in and ask for the Hot Chicken Sandwich. And if you’re not in town, check out our avocado recipes archive in the meantime for new ways to satisfy your avocado cravings.

By Avocados From Mexico August 05, 2020

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