All About Ripening

Or, how to prevent tragedy and never eat a brown avocado again. We’ve all been there. The supermarket struggle. The uncertainty once you get home. How do you pick avocados at the right stage of ripeness, and preserve them until you’re ready to eat? Read on for tips on how to pick avocados in the store, how to store ripe avocados, and how to slow down OR speed up ripening.

We’ve got all the information you need on avocado ripeness.

Stages of Avocado Ripeness

Color isn’t always the best indicator of ripeness. Check the color, but pair with a gentle squeeze to
test when your avocado will be ready to eat.

  • READY TO EAT In four to five days

  • READY TO EAT In two to three days

  • READY TO EAT today or tomorrow


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How To Store An Avocado

That all depends on how ripe it is, and when you want to use it.
Ripe avocado? A ripe avocado can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before using.
Unripe avocado? An unripe avocado can take four to five days to ripen at room temperature
(approximately 65-75 degrees, but avoid direct sunlight).




How To Speed Up Ripening

Got a firm and sorta green avocado that you want to eat ASAP? Here’s a surefire trick to speed up ripening so you can eat your avocado soon.
Add it to a paper bag with an apple or a banana – both fruits release more ethylene gas than other fruits, which helps accelerate ripening. If you trap them in a bag with your avocado, they’ll help it reach the right stage of fruition – no pun intended.
Leave the bag in direct florescent light or sunlight for one to four days. Be sure to check daily – your avocado may ripen faster than you think! This trick will leave you with a perfectly ripe avocado every time.

How to speed up ripening

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How To Slow Down Ripening

Whooooa, pardner! Is your avocado black and yields to gentle pressure, but you still have a few days to go before you use it? Just pop it in the fridge! The lower temperature will help slow down ripening, so you can buy yourself a little extra time. The avocado should hold for 2-3 days – be sure to check daily to ensure a perfectly ripe avocado.

how to slow down ripening

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What’s Up With My Avocado?

WHY IS MY avocado BROWN?

When you cut an avocado, you’re breaking the cellular walls, which causes oxidation to occur – when it oxidizes it turns brown. Don’t worry – you can still eat an avocado if it’s slightly browned, but the flavor may be slightly bitter compared to a fresh avocado. Slightly brown avocados are still good to toss in things like smoothies or soups.

This oxidation process can be prevented by adding an acidic agent, like vinegar or milk, and by limiting the surface area exposed to the air – for example, you can wrap it in cling wrap. Learn how
to store a cut avocado here!

how to store a cut avocado

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Why does my avocado have a bruise?

Bruising can happen when an avocado has been dropped or handled harshly, just like on the human body. The inside and outside can take on a brownish look and become bruised – another example of premature oxidation. You can still eat it if it’s slightly browned, but the flavor may be slightly bitter compared to a fresh avocado.


Is it time to toss my avocado? Parting is such sweet sorrow. If the avocado flesh has become very dark, or if that flesh has become stringy, you should avoid eating it, because it may be past its prime.