Shopper Mindset

To ground our efforts at retail, AFM executed a robust study to discover, illuminate and validate needstates and mindsets that drive shopper behavior and attitudes along their avocado shopping journey.

1. Full of Feeling

Avocado purchase drivers are often
highly emotional and rooted in…

  • Connection:

    Avocados bring people together
    and are often the center of a meal/party spread.

  • FUN:

    Avocados “dress up” meals making them more fun and inviting to eat.

  • Security:

    Avocados are the green, healthy food with universal appeal.

  • Peace:

    Avocados can be a treat that enhances relaxing, indulgent moments.

  • 2.Simple Luxury

    Avocados’ rich, creamy texture and satisfying taste stretches shoppers’perception beyond produce into more hedonic items like meats and cheeses.

  • 3.Fuzzy Health

    While avocados have a positive health halo, there is some uncertainty at point-of-sale regarding the health benefits. This health halo provides a permissible indulgence and makes eating healthy fun.

  • 4.Perfect Pick

    Picking the “perfect” avocado gives shoppers pride but can be a daunting challenge. Shoppers want simple cues, especially at the moment of purchase.

  • 5.Tunnel Vision

    Shoppers are often blind to irrelevant messages and in-store activation not in their direct line of sight. Beautiful avocado displays direct shoppers’ attention at the fruit,causing them to disregard overhead

  • 6.Displays Drive

    More relevant inspiration points will drive repetition and impulse
    purchases. Strategic placements can strengthen shoppers’ associations with different consumption occasions.

    74% of shoppers report they would buy more avocados if they saw more “displays around the store” to remind them of avocados.


The Mindsets

The four predominant shopper mindsets that drive
avocado shopping behavior.

  • Creating

    Seeking inspiration for a meal to make that day

  • Planning & Exploring

    Simultaneously fulfilling the list
    & seeking spontaneous delights

  • Zoning Out

    Sticking to routinized shopping patterns

  • List Following

    Sticking to the list with
    zero deviation


Why Avocados From Mexico is targeting
the Planning & Exploring Mindset:

  • Shoppers in this mindset are
    consciously engaged
  • Largest Mindset (38%)
  • Highest Avocado Usage
    medium (41%) / heavy
    (38%) users
  • Drives 2nd Highest Avocado Purchase

Key Strategic

  1. Educate and inspire along the entire path to purchase
  2. Pre-Shop: Meet shoppers’ needs by satisfying their higher level goals such as health or connecting with friends
  3. Shop: Ensure messages are relevant, meaningful, at the right time based on their mindset and mission
  4. Shop: Give shoppers confidence at the moment of truth/purchase
  5. Post-shop: Support shoppers as they use and store the product as well as to facilitate the social sharing of consumer-driven content

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SOURCE: 2016 Avocados From Mexico Shopper Mindset Study
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