Tips for Retailers

Read important information on selection, receiving and handling of avocados.

Selection, Receiving and Handling Tips

Stages of Ripeness

color is not always the best indicator of ripeness

Store Level Receiving and Handling

  • Keep ripened avocados refrigerated at 40ºF never lower than 38ºF
  • For further ripening, hold avocados at 60ºF to 65ºF; never exceeding 68ºF
  • Pre-conditioned avocados are very perishable and bruise easily; handle them with the utmost care

The Right Size is
Always in Season

Always fresh, always delicioso and available 365/24/7, Avocados From Mexico come in various sizes perfect for every use.
Feature multiple avocado items in the same promotion-like small and large size avocados at different price points.

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