6 fresh recipes
to Extend your
holiday feast:

Day After Thanksgiving
Edition 2020

At Avocados From Mexico, we always look forward to the opportunity to celebrate special occasions with family, friends and good food.

As a Mexican brand in America, our company is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, but we all have one thing in common: we embrace the American traditions and cherish the American holidays that bring our families together.

Thanksgiving is one of our employees' favorite holidays, as it encompasses some of what our multicultural team values the most: good times, good friends, good food, family and football.

We invite you to enjoy some guacamole during the early football games as you wait in anticipation of your traditional family feast.

And for the Day After Thanksgiving, our own Chef Steven Bell crafted six new recipes based on traditional Thanksgiving leftovers that incorporate delicious Avocados From Mexico.

Download the eBook to find out what recipes Chef Steven created, how our staff responded to them, and the stories our employees gave about their favorite Thanksgiving memories.

Happy Thanksgiving from our AFM Family to yours,

Alvaro Luque

President & CEO
Avocados From Mexico

Chef Steven Bell

What inspired you to create avocado-infused Thanksgiving recipes?

I wanted to inspire others through my inspiration and passion for avocados during the holiday season by creating leftover food that you already have, or may have brought back home with you, after visiting family and friends.

Are these recipes reminiscent of your own family traditional holidays?

Absolutely, we're always set with the task of “what do we want to eat” the very next Day After Thanksgiving. We always have leftovers and want something unique besides just throwing everything in the microwave. We utilized all the leftovers and started creating dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Remember, these flavors only come once a year!

We even included comments from James Beard award
winning chef Pati Jinich, who has become part
of our extended AFM Family.

Thanksgiving memory

by Chef Pati Jinich

One of my fondest memories is seeing pictures of beautiful, glorious, shiny turkeys in the glossy food magazines when my husband and I first moved to the U.S. from Mexico years ago. We were in Dallas, Texas, and I remember looking at those magazines wondering why Americans were eating turkeys so early in the year. I was used to turkey being eaten for Christmas and New Year's in Mexico. Then I learned about Thanksgiving, and it has become one of my favorite holidays because I can bring all of my Mexican flavors and ingredients to make new spins on classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Download the Let's Be Más cookbook
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