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With a climate that is ideal for growing avocados year-round, the Michoacán region is the
heart of Avocados From Mexico, with over 19,000 producers and more than 40 packaging
corporations working in this region to support the industry.

Despite this volume, most of the avocados come from small family farms run by second
and third-generation growers, 80 percent of whom own less than five hectares of land.
APEAM, a nonprofit organization formed to assist the Mexican avocado industry with its
export program, helps this network of family-run businesses operate as an efficient,
integrated global supply chain to meet burgeoning U.S. demand.

Need a Recipe?

Need a Recipe?

We’ve got delicious recipes for any

time of the year thanks to our

always-in-season avocados.

The Avocado Journey

The Avocado Journey

Ever wonder how this little green

fruit makes it all the way from farm

to table?



From spotting a ripe avocado to

speeding up the ripening process,

we’re here to help.