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AvoU is here to provide you and your team with all the avocado product knowledge you need to influence your shoppers. You’ll learn all our avocado tips and tricks—including bloom cycles, stages of ripeness, best practices for merchandising to help maximize your avocado sales, reduce shrinkage, and more!

It’s that easy to fresh Avocados From Mexico!

Working with fresh Avocados From Mexico is a snap with our tried and true best practices.

  • Stages of Ripeness

    Learn all about the five stages of ripeness of avocados and the best uses for each. You’ll never waste another avocado with our recipes for everything from firm to very ripe – they can still add freshness and craveability to your menu. We’ll also show you how to ripen firm avocados and how to hold avocados at that perfect stage for your preferred uses.

  • Handling tips and tricks

    We’ll show you how to cut, slice and dice without a knife for maximum back of house ease.

  • Holding without the hassle

    Need to keep halves, slices, dices or guac perfect throughout the day for service? No problem. We’ve cracked the code on all the best holding methods for each application and share them with you to ensure your avos stay perfectly green and delicious.