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Simple for you, Impressive for your shoppers

AvoU is here to provide you and your team with all the avocado product knowledge you need to influence your shoppers. You’ll learn all our avocado tips and tricks—including bloom cycles, stages of ripeness, best practices for merchandising to help maximize your avocado sales, reduce shrink, and more!

It’s that easy to fresh Avocados From Mexico!

Working with fresh Avocados From Mexico is a snap with our tried and true best practices.

  • Who Is This For?

    This platform was developed with our retailers in mind, for all produce professionals alike, including category managers, produce store associates and third party shoppers.

  • How Does It Work?

    AvoU is all online and on your schedule. Your team can learn all the tricks of the avo trade to help your business grow and educate shoppers about the value of fresh Avocados From Mexico.

  • How Easy Is It?

    Very, it's just two simple steps. Sign up above for the class and complete the course to become an Avo Expert!