AFM Shopper’s Path to Purchase


Mobile has changed the consumer journey experience as we knew it. It has done so, by fracturing that journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments in which actions and purchasing decisions are made. Each of those moments presents a valuable opportunity to shape the consumer’s decisions and preferences.


Avocados From Mexico Identified the set of moments that drive the purchase intent of avocados, examined the phases of our consumer journey, and mapped the moments when our consumers want to find inspiration, learn about avocados, make a purchase, and everything in between. AFM then reached out to the mobile partner with the right technology that could enable us to be there, at the specific moment in which our consumers wants/need our message.

Geo targeted mobile technologies have allowed Avocados From Mexico to target consumers with specific and customized messages based on their mindset at a specific given time. We understood that the preferences and purchases of our consumers are shaped in this micro-moments, and developed a strategy that successfully delivered the right message in the moment I which the consumer needed it/wanted it.


Avocados From Mexico ran an 8-month mobile geo targeted campaign to reach users in-store, and around the stores of selected retail partners. Specifically Publix, Kroger, Safeway Albertsons and HEB.
The messages where delivered according to the geographic location of each individual at a given moment, and were delivered in sequential order:

  • An avocado / Guacamole recipe ad was served to consumers walking or driving around specific stores of our retail partners. When users tap on the ad, the creative would expand showing a map with specific directions to the closest partner’s store.
  • A “How to pick the right avocado” ad was delivered to consumers shopping inside those stores
  • A “How to prepare avocados” ad was delivered to consumers in their households located in the same geographic area as our partners’ stores



The campaign lifted store foot traffic +by 51% and visit frequency lift by +38% (overall), in partner retailers: Publix, Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons and HEB. This was calculated based on an attribution window of 14 days.

2.11% of usersclicked on the unit to visit the map showing their closest location of the retailer, which exceeded the mobile partner’s uppermost benchmark range by over 75%.

All creative interactions performed between 128% – 183% greater than the mobile industry average CTR of 0.35%.

Tap to Map engagements exceeded the mobile partner’s uppermost benchmark range by over 75%.

Shoppers targeted in close proximity to top retailers were seen taking turn-by-turn directions to drive in-store foot traffic, likely because of how close they are to a point of sale after being exposed to Avocados From Mexico creative messaging on their mobile device, exceeding the mobile partner’s uppermost benchmark range by nearly 90%. Action was mostly driven by the “Guacamole” creative unit.

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