How to Make Guacamole in Less Than Five Minutes

Guacamole cravings are practically universal, and anyone who’s been there knows that when you’re struck by a craving for creamy avocado, a citrus punch, a slow spice burn — there’s no shaking it until you’ve had your fix.

But sometimes, time’s not on your side. Fear not: This doesn’t mean you have to go without the guac. Read on to learnhow to make guacamole in less than five minutes.

Rule of Thumb: Keep Avocados On Hand

You’ll need an avocado or two; ripe Hass avocados are best. The foundation of any homemade guacamole, avocados are indispensable, so make them a mainstay on your weekly shopping list. In the case of a Code Guac at home, even one avocado might save your life (or party).

Make Simple Guacamole in 2 Minutes

The lowdown on the absolute fastest way to make guacamole: Prep your avocado base (open, remove pit, scoop, and mash), and then take any salsa you have on hand and fold a few generous tablespoons into your mashed avocado. Add salt and pepper to taste, and if you have a lime on hand, squeeze that fresh juice into the mix.

No lime? Lemon works in a pinch. Just do your best to add one of the two; avocado needs citrus contrast for depth. Scoop that guac into a pretty bowl, set out your chips, and watch them disappear right along with your craving.

Make Gourmet Guacamole in 5 Minutes

If you shop for groceries more frequently, your emergency guac recipe can get an easy gourmet boost. Which means that step 1 is to scout your kitchen.

If you find a tomato, or even cherry tomatoes, forget the salsa and dice the tomato, combining it with your mashed avocado. Got an onion, of any color, in whole or in part? Ditto: Dice it up and toss it in. These are just the basics.Consider kale, fruit, basil, bacon… only you can judge which food additions are a fit for your coveted guac.

Don’t forget the salt and pepper — fresh-ground is best. You can also spice up your emergency ration with Tabasco sauce, red pepper flakes, chile powder, or ground cayenne pepper. Really need a slow burn? Finely chop fresh jalapeños, or even canned jalapeños, and mix them in.

Guacamole is, above all, a simple (but powerful!) recipe, so don’t be weary of keeping it quick and simple — and don’t deny yourself a fix to your guac cravings. The heart wants what the heart wants, after all; and it’s safe to say that goes for your taste buds, too.