Avocados From Mexico

and Steak.

A Match Made In Heaven.

Fresh, creamy avocados and a juicy steak is a classic and delicious, crave-worthy combination seen throughout Mexico. That’s where the idea came to develop a line of delicious avocado steak toppers, sandwiches, apps and sides for
a classic American Center-of-the-Plate item.

As more steakhouses adapt their menus to appeal to a new generation of steak lovers, fresh Avocados From Mexico can help add a modern, premium twist.

From an indulgent avocado compound butter to a delicious béarnaise sauce to a Chimichurri-Avo Steak Sandwich and the infamous Avocado “Rose,” we have several new innovative ideas to tempt your patron’s taste buds, drive traffic and increase your profits.

Source: 2016 Technomic, Inc., Patron Report, Avocados From Mexico

See how this renegade San Diego-based Steakhouse is
breaking all the rules with fresh Avocados From Mexico.

learn how to make premium steak toppers your customers crave,
like Avocado Maître D’ Butter and Avocado Chimichurri.


From starters and appetizers, brunch, burgers, handhelds and steaks, check out these cool ideas suitable for any steakhouse menu, from fine dining to cool and casual: