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Partnering with Avocados From Mexico is a great way to give students a wide selection of great-tasting and convenient choices. More grab-n-go menu items complement their hectic lifestyle and keep them coming back to your kitchen again and again. Avocados From Mexico also offers a variety of innovative programs and full marketing support with items like these.


On The Road With
Avocados From Mexico

We hit the road with the first-ever AvoActive Tour, designed to demonstrate that avocados and breakfast are a perfect pairing. Visiting 17 schools across the country, the tour engaged with students and made use of a food truck, electric cart and a scooter to deliver samples and giveaways to hungry college kids. We’ll be hitting the road again in the Fall of 2017, and this time the AvoTime Anytime Tour will focus on showing students the versatility of avocados. To learn more, watch the video below, then contact us if you would like to be considered as one of the stops.


Avocados From Mexico Is A Proud Partner of NACUFS

Avocados From Mexico collaborates with The National
Association Of College & University Food Services in
their mission to support and promote excellence in
collegiate dining. Book a one-on-one meeting with
us or meet us at the next NACUFS event!

Cultivating New Ideas
With MenuDirections

MenuDirections brings together some of the industry’s
leading chefs, foodservice directors and suppliers to
explore the hottest flavor profiles and exchange
business-building ideas. Avocados From Mexico is
excited to be part of 3 days of educational
workshops, unique culinary demos and keynote
presentations designed to help you better
transform your menus and operations.

SEE OUR past LTO’s


Avocados From Mexico partnered with Aramark for menu ideation that includes adding 17 new avocado recipes to Aramark’s national menu to drive volume for this Foodservice giant.


Avocados From Mexico joins Aramark’s foodservice footprint, which includes hospitals, universities, K-12, stadiums, B&I, and more in over 2,300 Aramark locations.

Aramark’s addition of so many new menu items that include fresh Avocados From Mexico helps to remind their customers that Aramark uses high quality, fresh ingredients.


Avocados From Mexico partnered with Google to host three annual events with Chef Iliana de la Vega and Bon Appétit at Google Campus Dining Facilities for a Regional Mexican Cuisine & Techniques Program at Google’s Mountain View campus.


Menu items from each event have been permanently added to the Google dining café menu rotation, and have helped Google showcase their priority to serve the most authentic Mexican cuisine which, of course, always features fresh Avocados From Mexico.

AFM C&U Guac Carts

Avocados From Mexico partnered with Cornell (23,016 students), Yale University (12,385 students), Harvard (22,000 students) and Princeton (8,181 students), to provide a fresh and customizable guacamole cart for their dining services.


Schools that received guac carts have increased the usage of fresh avocados through the implementation of events and new menu items. They have made a shift to have avocados as part of their everyday options on sandwiches and salads at their dining halls.


Avocados From Mexico has partnered with Penn State, Ohio State University and UMASS at Amherst to provide an eco-rack for their on-campus C-Stores.


Penn State now sells avocados in two locations on campus. Sales range between 80 to 150 avocados per week, per location. Ohio State University now sells avocados in three campus convenience stores. UMASS at Amherst has two eco rack displays installed, and currently sells whole avocados for $1.50 each.

Overall, the Eco Racks have also given students the ability to purchase their favorite fruit, whole avocados, without leaving campus!

AFM & UMass AT Amherst Menu Additions

Avocados From Mexico partnered with UMASS at Amherst for menu activations throughout campus to diversify menu offerings and showcase the versatility of Avocados From Mexico.


As part of Avocados From Mexico’s continued collaboration, UMASS at Amherst has been able to add on new avocado menu items including Avocado Fries, Guacamole & Chips, Baby Berk Burger, California Rolls, Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad and California Club Pizza.

AFM & Princeton Concessions Guac Cart

Avocados From Mexico & Princeton partnered to run a never-before done concession test at the university’s football games to provide fresh avocado concessions to game attendees.


The test program increased BYO Nacho sales, driving 39% of concession sales from the stand in the 1st game and a 17% increase in BYO Nachos sales in the 2nd game. Students demand included for the cart and menu items to be available at the following home games. It also allowed for testing to be done at basketball games.

AFM & University of Southern California Collaboration

Avocados From Mexico partnered with University of Southern California to incorporate different menu items featuring Avocados From Mexico into their menu.


University of Southern California increased avocado sales, and overall sales as a result. The program resulted in 12-15 LTO’s added to their menu.