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October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Posted October 5, 2015

Hey Everyone, It’s Avocado Hour!

Avocados are a great addition to almost any meal, but did you know avocados bring more happiness to happy hour, too? Here’s how to use avocados to sell more during this festive time of day:

­—From 5–6 p.m., make avocados a main attraction by offering a special “Mexi” menu featuring entrees paired with guacamole and tortilla chip appetizers.

—Whip up guacamole tableside so customers can enjoy the fresh action.

—Pair fresh guacamole or avocados in unexpected ways with dishes like seafood, burgers, or even dessert for Avo Power Hour.

—Provide complimentary guacamole and chips with orders placed during happy hour.

Beyond Basic

Avocados’ rich, creamy flavors are delicious in a wide array of dishes. But if you tend to serve avocados in the same basic ways, start rethinking the possibilities. Try these ideas for getting the most out of this versatile, delicious fruit:

—Liven up breakfast with mashed avocados on toast.

—Add avocado to smoothies for a refreshing breakfast alternative.

—Dice avocados and add to soups for added creaminess.

—Puree avocados into a rich, smooth sauce for pasta or vegetables.

—Replace butter or oil in desserts with moisture-rich avos

Finding “The One”

Knowing when you’re going to serve your avocados plays a major role in selecting them. If you’re not using it for a few days, a hard, firm avocado is your best bet — it usually takes four or five days for an avocado to ripen at room temperature. If you’re going to use it one or two days from when you select it, look for an avocado that “gives” slightly when you squeeze it. Just don’t squeeze too hard, or you can damage the fruit.

Remember that if you need to slow down the ripening, you can refrigerate your avocado, and if you need it to ripen faster, you can keep it in a warmer environment or wrap it in newspaper or a paper bag, which also accelerates the process.