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November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Posted November 10, 2015

Avocado for Dessert? You bet!

Who would have thought avocados could be a … dessert? While we know it’s great on salads or for making guacamole, chefs are introducing diners to the avocado’s sweeter side.

Chefs Ami Beach Shadle and Mark Shadle of G-Zen restaurant, an upscale vegetarian spot in Branford, Connecticut, are credited with developing Carob Lucuma Avocado Pudding, a creamy, gluten-free dessert sweetened with fruit from the lucuma tree.

Executive Chef Bill Wavrin of Café Solé at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona, California, freezes the avocado when he makes Strawberry Papaya and Avocado Popsicles. The treats are a buttery blend of avocado, strawberry, and papaya.

For diners who want to have their cake and eat it too, rich, guiltless confections featuring avocados are a welcome menu addition. Bon appétit!

How to Use Green Marble to Store Avocados

While Avocado Green Marble may sound like a delicious dessert, it’s actually an insider technique you can use to store avocados for future use.

Cut open two avocados, season (if desired), and then scoop out the flesh or cut it into cubes. Seal the cubes in a vacuum-seal bag and place it in the freezer — where it can be stored for up to three days.

The flesh thaws quickly, so plant to serve it soon after it’s removed from the freezer.

Make your avocados last longer

It turns out keeping ripe avocados on hand has a lot to do with the type of fruit you choose. Hass avocados have longer shelf lives than many other varieties, so take this into consideration when shopping for ingredients.

The way you store avocados also affects how quickly they ripen. For example, you can speed up ripening by placing them in an enclosed container, which will trap the ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone that helps fruits ripen. Keep the container at room temperature.

If you want to further speed up the ripening process, remember that the warmer the temperature, the faster an avocado ripens. Conversely, if you want to slow down the ripening process, store your avocados in an open bag in the refrigerator.