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Welcome To Our New Food Service Website

Welcome To Our New Food Service Website

Posted April 27, 2015

Welcome To Our New Food Service Website

We’re pleased to present our Avocados from Mexico website for food service professionals! The goal of this new online arena is to share tips and tricks for adding avocados to the menu and to sing the praises of Avocados from Mexico to caterers, chefs, food-truck operators, restaurants, and grocery stores. Within our site, we think you’ll find these pages most helpful (and bookmark-worthy!):

The Avo Calculator

How many avocados do you need to whip up an epic guacamole for a party of 100? Let us do the math!


We’re talking more than guac! Discover a wealth of terrific dishes starring Avocados of Mexico.


Bone up on all things guac on our page packed with history, inspiration, and famous avo-loving foodies.

Avo Swaps

Dive into our list of ways to sub the creamy fruit for butter, cream, or mayonnaise.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring the food service website as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Feel free to reach out to us, either through Ask a Chef or our Contact Us page.