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Cinco de Mayo Decorations
for a Home Celebration

What better holiday to celebrate at home with the family than Cinco de Mayo? All you need for a fiesta are some DIY Cinco de Mayo decorations, family games, plenty of guacamole, and a few loved ones under the same roof.

Here’s our guide for you and the kids to decorate the house in honor of our favorite holiday.

Cinco de Mayo
Decorations for a
Fiesta at Home

Making decorations together as a family can be just as fun as the Cinco de Mayo celebration itself. Since Cinco de Mayo occurs in the spring, decorate your home with vibrant colors.

When choosing decor for your home party, a great place to start is the color palette of the Mexican flag: green, white, and red. You can also depend on floral hues and Mexican textile patterns to bring life to the living room.

Grab some crepe paper and pairs of scissors to create traditional papel picado banners or a DIY wreath made of paper flowers. For the finishing touch on your tablespace, try your hand at homemade luminaries made from brown lunch bags and tea lights.

Cinco de Mayo

Kids will get a kick out of classic games with a Cinco de Mayo twist. Try a game of Cinco de Mayo “freeze dance.” Play a traditional, fast-paced mariachi song your kids might recognize (such as “El Jarabe Tapatio” or “La Bamba”) and have them let loose with their dancing. When the music stops, so does their dancing — see how long they can hold their poses!

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Older kids will enjoy trivia games that teach Mexican history. Alternatively, you can introduce them to a classic Mexican family card game: Lotería, which has a gameplay similar to Bingo.

Cinco de Mayo

Quench your thirst with authentic Mexican drinks. Kids will love trying authentic Mexican colas, which are available in most American grocery stores in a variety of flavors. They’ll also love making their own colorful aguas frescas by soaking fruits and edible flowers in water with sugar. Traditional flavors include lime, hibiscus, and tamarind, but you can experiment with your kids’ favorite fruits!

Horchata is another traditional drink that you can make at home with your kids. Made with sugar and cinnamon spice, it’s a deliciously sweet beverage for all ages. Get started with this Avocado Horchata recipe that’s ready in five minutes.

Adults can indulge in classic margaritas shaken with real Mexican tequila or smoky mezcal. Serve your margaritas in a glass with a salt rim — or add sugar for a sweeter mix. Try this Avocado Margarita recipe, guaranteed to keep your spirits up!

Cinco de Mayo

Don’t worry, because we’ve saved the best for last: No Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without creamy, delicious guacamole! The Aztecs invented guacamole more than 700 years ago, and it’s been a favorite among families around the world ever since.

So what are you waiting for? Gather some perfectly ripe avocados, wash them thoroughly, and mash them into a batch of guacamole.

Serve up this Classic Mexican Guacamole in a traditional stone molcajete for an authentic look and taste. To really up your presentation, stir up this Avocado Tequila Salsa guacamole and serve it in a margarita glass.

Little ones will have fun decorating their green guacamole with bright red Pico de Gallo and a white edible flower to use all the colors of the Mexican flag.

What Cinco de Mayo
Is All About

With Cinco de Mayo, half the party is in the preparation. Enjoy spending time with your kids while bringing the celebration to life and cherish the memories you’ve made at home — because that’s what Cinco de Mayo is truly about.

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