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3 Ways to Add Avocado to Your Picnic

As the weather begins to change, warmer days beckon us outdoors. What better way to enjoy the sun and the company of friends and family than by planning a picnic at your favorite park? A blanket and a basket full of lunch goodies are all you need to guarantee a good time.

There’s nothing wrong with the picnic standards — chicken salad sandwiches; chips; fruit; a pasta salad. But why not add a tasty twist to these traditional outdoor snacks?

Here are a few fast and easy ways to liven up your picnic basket with Avocados From Mexico.

Avocado Egg Salad

Egg salad is a classic picnic staple, and with good reason: Picnic-goers can heap it onto bread or pita, enjoy it with crackers or tortilla chips, or use it as a salad topping. In other words, it’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Egg salad’s also ideal for the picnic host because it’s endlessly flexible in terms of add-ons. Adapt any base recipe with fresh herbs and spices. If you want to play with the texture and flavor, mix in vegetables or fruits, such as avocado. Need some inspiration to get started? Check out our avocado egg-salad recipe. You’ll want to make sure you choose a ripe avocado. Not sure how? This video will introduce you to the three-factor ripeness test — look for dark green (almost black) avocados that have a bumpy texture and give a little when gently squeezed.

Avocado Summer Tomato Salad

Avocados From Mexico are delicious any time of year because they’re always in season. In summer, pair them with the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes. Since salad is an obligatory picnic dish, try combining these two favorites in this avocado summer tomato salad. Looking for something a little more unusual? We have plenty of avocado and tomato salad pairing ideas here.

Sandwiches and Handhelds Dressed up with Avocado

If a picnic’s just not a picnic without sandwiches or wraps, you can still introduce novel flavors — and some fiber (a serving of avocado, which is one-third of a medium-sized fruit, gives you 11 percent of your daily recommended fiber) — by adding avocado into the mix. This turkey avocado wrap with roasted red-pepper avocado hummus is easy to make and delicious to eat once your picnic blanket has been spread. Want something that really tastes like spring and summer? These spring rolls are picnic-perfect. Check out our how-to video to learn to slice and dice avocados like an expert (don’t worry — you don’t need advanced knife skills!) before you start garnishing; then check out our recipe box for more sandwich and handheld ideas.

By Avocados From Mexico May 08, 2018

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