How to Turn Leftover Guacamole Into Skin and Hair Masks

Leftover Guacamole Uses – Spa Day at Home

Cramming the leftover finger foods into the fridge after a large event can be like tackling an unwelcome game of Tetris. It can be tempting to let the extras go to waste, but your guacamole leftovers need not wind up in the trash.

With moisturizing properties, avocados — the base ingredient in guacamole — provide the perfect recipe for a DIY spa day. That means you can turn your simple guacamole recipes into home remedies that save leftovers, your hair, and your skin.

Here’s how to turn your leftover guacamole into a soothing spa experience –

Make a Moisturizing Face Mask

Dry skin? You can blitz simple guacamole recipes — those made up of avocados, lime juice, and salt — in a food processor to create a moisturizing mask. The avocados serve as a moisturizer.

Apply the cream to your face and let it soak for a few minutes — or until it starts to dry. Remove the mask with warm water, massaging the salt particles over your skin.

Don’t have guacamole, but have an overripe avocado? No problem! You can turn your overripe avocado into a face mask too!

Make a Guacamole Hair Mask

Have hair damage? To help with hair damaging environmental factors — for example, central heating in winter or chlorine in summer — apply leftover guacamole to your hair. Cover your guacamole hair mask with a plastic cap and let it soak in for 10 or 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Have an overripe avocado, but no leftover guac? You can make a hair mask out of an overripe avocado too!

Leftover Love

Next time you are in need of a little TLC, take a look at your guacamole leftovers. Simple dip recipes make for moisturizing skin and hair masks that let you use your leftovers for a good cause instead of letting them go to waste.

Visit our beauty care page for more creative avocado beauty ideas to add into your beauty regimen.

By Avocados From Mexico October 11, 2019

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