Sometimes life happens when you're making plans to enjoy it. So Avocados From Mexico came up with some ways to make the most of Cinco de Mayo, no matter where Cinco takes you.

Have an Otherworldly Cinco de Mayo Party with Your Alien Captors

After months aboard the International Space Station, you are finally on your way back to Earth. You can’t wait to soak up the scenery — and the menu — you’ve so dearly missed back home before NASA sends you on another mission into the great beyond.

As you break the sound barrier, your mind wanders to the ingredients you have been storing in your spaceship’s Cryogenic Avocado Safekeeping Chamber to make guacamole as a celebratory snack en route to Earth. Your journey is perfectly timed: You will arrive just in time for the Cinco de Mayo party.

A blinding light shakes you from your daydreams. You are disoriented, but you realize that your ship has stopped. Are you dreaming, or are those gurgling voices you hear coming from tiny, one-eyed beings the shade of the Avocados From Mexico you’ve been craving? 

When you come to, you realize that the only thing you were dreaming about was the guacamole. You’ve been abducted by aliens and transported to planet Mars. Only one thought races through your mind: How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo if you can’t enjoy your guac?  

Luckily, you don’t need gravity to think on your feet. Here’s how you bring a Cinco de Mayo party to the red planet:

  • First things first: Escape captivity. Use your physical differences to your advantage and slip out of your confines. With 10 fingers instead of 16 and two legs instead of six, your bindings leave more than a little wiggle room.
  • Before they become upset by your escape: Delight them with an earthly treat. It’s time to open the Cryogenic Avocado Safekeeping Chamber on your ship and break out the limes and delicious Avocados From Mexico. Show the aliens how to cut and eat avocados as you whip up your Bacon & Blue Cheese Guacamole to serve as a peace offering.
  • Use the leftover avocado pits to start a game: Grab a nearby stick and channel your inner home run hitter. “Ooooooooh!” they coo. You’ve just invented the ultimate summer moon-time distraction: Avocado Spaceball. Play human vs. aliens, or take turns trying to hit the pit into nearby craters.

The aliens agree to free you on one condition: You promise to make more out-of-this-world-good guacamole for them when they finally make that visit to Earth they’ve been planning for supereons.  You run toward your ship, nearly tripping over a crater in the excitement of your escape. You fire up the engines and prepare to return to your own home planet. You feel the ship lift, and you leave the Martian air behind you before anyone could even think to say, “Blast off!”

Once you land, you will need to start planning the recipes you promised your green, gurgling friends. Visit our recipe archive for more dips to delight every species during your next mission.

We’ve got plenty more blogs to show you just how to make the most of your Cinco, no matter where Cinco takes you.

By Avocados From Mexico April 22, 2019

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