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Warm Foods and Drinks to Cure the Winter Doldrums

After a hike, a toboggan ride, a whirl around the skating rink, or (less exciting) shoveling the driveway, nothing beats the body-soothing goodness of warm foods and drinks during colder months. From soups, dips, and snacks to hot treats, here are some of our favorite winter-worthy recipes that are up to the task of keeping you toasty. And, to keep you healthy during these more inactive months, they all include Avocados from Mexico, a fruit that’s available year-round!


Like a warm hug on a cold day, soup is the quintessential warm-up food. If you’re vegan, following a Paleo diet, or simply looking to boost your veggie intake, remember that avocado doubles as cream, delivering a subtle flavor and velvety texture.

One go-to idea is this warm avocado soup recipe, which includes zesty hints of lime and fresh mint. It’s comfort in a bowl. If what you’re hankering for is a rich, creamy tomato soup without the dairy, avocados to the rescue! This recipe promises all the decadence of a tomato soup with the nutritional boost of avocados. If you’re vegan, substitute veggie stock for the chicken stock and you’re good to go!

Other superlative soup ideas include tossing the flesh of a ripe avocado into your favorite pureed soups, such as bisques, cream soups (broccoli, cauliflower, or sweet potato for example), and lentil or bean soups. If you’d rather see your avocado in a tidy dice, top a homemade bean chile, classic tortilla soup, chicken noodle, or a pasta and vegetable soup with the fruit for a cooling, creamy hit.


When you yearn for something other than guacamole (as delicious as it is!), head to the kitchen and crank the oven to 400F to make these baked (not fried) coconut toasted avocado fries. Flax seeds mixed with water take the place of beaten eggs, giving you Paleo-friendly, vegan “fries.”

If you’re a fan of chips and dip, try this ooey-gooey crowd pleaser the next time you’re entertaining. Mash the flesh of two avocados, add 1 cup of sour cream and half a cup of Greek yogurt, a good dash of your favorite hot sauce, diced green onions, a hit of cayenne pepper, half a cup of grated Monterey Jack cheese, and a half-cup of lump crab meat (or keep it vegetarian and exclude the crab). Pop into an oven-friendly serving dish, top with some more cheese, and bake at 375F until golden and bubbling. Serve with pita or tortilla chips, crudités, or a crusty baguette loaf, then watch it disappear!

Sweet Treats and Drinks

Who doesn’t love a hot, chocolate-laden dessert on a cold winter’s night (or any time of year, for that matter!)? If you prefer to drink your dessert, this avocado enriched hot chocolate has delicious written all over it. Or cozy up to a hot and spicy molten lava cake featuring the spiced nuances of Mexican hot chocolate and a recipe that’s oil-free to boot (thanks again, avocados)! Top with a scoop of coconut ice cream (or cow’s milk ice cream) and enjoy with someone special because when dessert’s all done, that someone can also keep you warm if you want them to!

By Avocados From Mexico December 03, 2016

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