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DIY State Fair: Avocado Recipes and Games

Attending the annual state fair is a tradition in many families around the country, but it can be just as much fun at home. With a little imagination (and a couple of blue-ribbon-worthy avocados), you and your family can recreate the joy of the state fair right in your own backyard.

It shouldn’t surprise you that we put an avocado twist on traditional state fair grub. From corn dogs to ice cream, each of these recipes is made with fresh, creamy Avocados From Mexico. And as a special bonus, we’ve also included three DIY state fair games you can play at home. Step right up!

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Guac Out with State Fair Guac

It sounds corny — or rather, corn-doggy — but State Fair Guacamole is easy to make and even easier to devour. All you have to do is mash a couple Avocados From Mexico with lemon juice and throw in some hot mini corn dogs for a festive dip.

If you prefer hot tots to hot dogs, Guac Tots are for you. These fried appetizers unite creamy avocados and classic cornmeal, and they’re topped with a double-whammy kick of spice: jalapeño and Louisiana-style hot sauce.

Chill Out with Frozen Avocado Treats

Cool down after you work up a sweat playing carnival games by enjoying a frozen treat. The night before your DIY state fair, gather pineapple chunks, frozen bananas, honey, and avocados to churn into Tropical Avocado “Nice” Cream that hardens overnight. Serve in a waffle cone — and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Popsicle lovers in your home will love these Coconut Avocado Popsicles. They’re perfect for carrying around the backyard while enjoying the festivities.

Deep Fried and Gone to Heaven – Deep Fried Avocado Snacks

State fairs are known for fantastic fried foods. If you don’t own a deep fryer at home, don’t worry — you can still make plenty of crunchy, golden-fried foods. These Tempura-Fried Avocado Bites, for instance, can be fried in a deep pan or cast iron. Just dice your avocados, toss them in batter, and fry until golden brown. Pro tip: Sprinkle them with powdered sugar for an authentic state fair touch.

Air fryers will get a kick out of these Air-Fried Avocado Fries with Chipotle Mayo. Avocado is the new potato — haven’t you heard?

DIY State Fair Games

You can make a surprising number of midway games using common household objects — including leftover avocado pits. Making the games is all part of the at-home amusement!

  • Build-A-Guac: Host a contest between the members of your household to see who can make the most unique guacamole recipe. Points are awarded based on creativity, deliciousness, and presentation.
  • Tin Can Toss: Wrap six empty tin cans in colored paper. Let the kids decorate them with markers and stickers. Stack the cans into a pyramid and take turns trying to knock them over with a tennis ball, a beanbag, or even an avocado pit.
  • Let’s Go Fishing: Get the whole family to draw colorful fish on pieces of paper. Cut them out and place them into plastic cups on a folding table. Take turns tossing a leftover avocado pit (or a similarly sized object) into the cups. Every time a player succeeds, they remove the cup and keep the fish. After the last cup is removed, the player with the most fish wins!
  • Beanbag Toss: Use sidewalk chalk to draw boxes on the ground — the more variety in size and shape, the better. Designate a point value for each box. Make your own beanbags by filling old socks with dried beans and sewing the opening shut. Take turns throwing the beanbags and tally up the points. After 10 throws each, the player with the most points wins! (Maybe their prize is a second helping of guacamole?)

Whoever says “Don’t play with your food” clearly never encountered an avocado. Try these kid-friendly avocado recipes that are both fun to cook and delicious to eat, or browse our recipe archive for more inspiration.

By Avocados From Mexico October 28, 2020

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