5:45 AM
Cousin Paco
  • Yesterday 5:17 p.m
  • Ayyyy cuz. When am I getting an invite to this club?
  • I told you Paco – it’s just some guys playing chess.
  • I’ve seen what you wear. That ain’t no chess game.
  • OK OK I’ll tell you. Come over at 4.
  • I can’t ride my scooter that far.
  • You’re 36 years-old, Paco. Get a car.
  • BRO THE MAN MONITORING US IS IN THE CARS! Scooters are the only way to stay off the grid.
  • Maybe this club isn’t for you.
  • Is it a car club?
  • No but you can’t have a scooter and you can’t be paranoid.
  • Fine. I’ll use my rollerblades. But if I see anyone watching me, you gotta pick me up and don’t use a car.
  • What do you suggest I use?

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