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Game Day Recipes

These top secret recipes have been declassified for you to share with friends for the Big Game!

Big Game Dip

This is the bowl you’ve really been waiting for. Avocados, salsa, beans, cilantro, sour cream and more bring plenty of fans to the table.

Member 93 - the AvoKeeper

Avo Footballs

These football-shaped eggs are devilishly good, with a turf-colored filling.

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Avo Grid Irons

Avocados, tomatoes, cheese and seasoning hit the ground running on these bruschetta-like snacks.

Chairman of Mysteries

Hard-hitting Guacamole

Grab a chip and line up this guac for a bigtime scoop-and-score!

Supreme Leader

Goal line Guacamole

You’ll be cheering when your chips crosses into this avocado dip for huge celebration.

Captain of Initiation

Quarterback-sacking Salsa

Maybe wear a mouth guard for when this salsa makes impact.

The Big Boss

The Perfect Spirals

There’s nothing greater to watch (and eat) than a perfect spiral. Roll up these aerodynamic bites for a major party favorite.

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